What Are The Types Of Building Blocks?

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Most child development experts will tell you that building blocks are one of the best toys for Creative Open-Ended Play and it helps in child’s social, cognitive and emotional development.

Why you should have a building blocks set in your toy collection?

There are thousands of toys in the market, but if there is one toy that you must buy for your kid, I would say it is the building blocks. It is literally the building block for your child’s growth and development.

  • Think about how many questions the child will need answers for?
  • How many blocks can I stack one above the other till the tower falls down?
  • To go higher and add to one side, what can I use?
  • If I want to build this structure, from where should I start?
  • Which color combination will look better?
  • Can I build a car? What about Burj Khalifa? Police Station? Doll House? - Can I build all these from the same blocks set?

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What Are The Different Types of Building Blocks?

Various categories in which we can divide building blocks include

Based On Building Block Material – Plastic, wood, foam, silicone, cardboard etc.

  • ABC Building Blocks
  • Magnetic Building Blocks
  • Interlocking Blocks
  • Rainbow Blocks
  • Giant Building Blocks
  • Building Blocks for Crafts
  • Others – These include block set that are designed to build a structure – Eg – Doll house, car, police station, airport etc.

Wooden Building Blocks

The Wooden Building Block is a toy that the child will play differently with as they grow. A 2 year old would love to play with the small cars and trains and practice hand eye coordination and fine motor skills by stacking the blocks. However, an 8+ year old kids will use his imagination to build various structures. So a baby can play with block set of 5-10 pieces, a toddler can play with 35-50 pieces and a 5+ year old kid can play with 100+ pieces. You can make the play more complex as your child keeps learning new skills.

Wooden Marble Run Blocks

Marble Run Block is for 3+ years kid. It needs a bit of STEM knowledge and hence it can be introduced to the kid when he is familiar with the regular wooden blocks. When the child plays with this toy, he/ she experiments with the mechanism of balancing and stability by building structures which will help the marble to run from top to its destination. These structures are built with limited resources, so the kid really has to use his brains to come up with a new structure every time. These blocks not only improve children's operation ability, but they also foster creative thinking and problem-solving ability.

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Wooden Clock Puzzle

This toy can be used as stacking blocks, puzzle and also to teach kids numbers, shape and obviously how clock (Time) works. This puzzles comes with 12 blocks with number 1-12 printed on them. You will get circular board with slots deep enough for 1-12 numbered blocks to slide in. There will be an hour and minute hand which can be rotated. Kids can play it as a pretend play clock, stacking block, puzzle…the possibilities are endless.

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