Remote Control Car Maintenance And Repair Knowledge

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How to maintain the remote control car? You need to pay attention to these following points.

Check carefully

It is necessary to check the car before starting to avoid further damage. To ensure that key parts or screws are tight enough, if not, you need to recalibrate these parts, including the battery, to ensure that the lithium battery is working well, if there is a safety hazard, the battery needs to be replaced immediately.

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Clean in time

After driving or drifting through muddy dunes, your car may be full of sand and mud. If you don't clean your car right away and just throw it away, your car's lifespan will be shortened and parts will be prone to heavy wear. After driving, turn off the power before removing the battery. If the battery pack is still half charged, it should be discharged and stored in a special fireproof bag. But be careful not to over-discharge or it will damage the battery.

Check and clean tires regularly

There are many different tires for different types of terrain. Therefore, you need to change the tires according to the applicable field of the RC car. It protects the wheels from unnecessary damage. Also, it is crucial to clean your tires regularly. First, you can wash the tires with warm water and a toothbrush, this method is easy to clean the dirt. Then wash and brush again with soap and the remaining dirt will be completely removed. Your car can only maintain high performance if the wheels are cleaned regularly.


How to maintain and repair children's remote control cars

Generally, we often see remote control cars played by children in parks or communities. Nowadays, many families have a child, so there are many toys. It is estimated that each family has more than one remote control car like this. Of course, this kind of children's remote control car usually bumps more often, so it also needs to be well maintained by parents in daily life. In order to let children play longer, here is how to maintain and repair it.

After the children's remote control car is not playing, it is necessary to clean up the dirt on it in time. Try to find a cloth to wipe the surface, and wash the wheels with clean water. Remember not to put the whole car in the water, otherwise it will damage the parts inside. If you don't clean your car right away and just throw it away, your car's lifespan will be shortened and parts will be prone to heavy wear. Turn off the switch cord when the child is not playing, and then remove the batteries inside, as these batteries become soft over time. If there is still some power in it, it's usually done and put in the child's toy box. If the children in the family are older, this maintenance process can be done by themselves.

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In addition, children's remote control cars are prone to failure when playing. This is also a question that many parents are reporting. Once this happens, you should first check whether the battery has output, then check whether the fuse holder is damaged, and then check whether there is a problem with the power lock. If there is, it can be repaired in time. When the children's remote control car is playing, it may also encounter this situation, that is, the car has electricity, but it does not go. If this is the case, let's first check whether the battery output of the remote control car is normal or not. If the output is too low to prove that its battery is broken, it should be replaced in time, and then the brake wire of the car is unplugged. If the car turns to prove that the handlebar is broken, it should also be repaired at this time.

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