Parents Don't Know What Toys To Buy For Their Children? Remember These 5 Categories

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In the process of children's games, parents play the role of participants and guides. Every parent will buy a variety of toys for their children. The appropriate number of toys can provide children with rich stimulation and promote the development of children's various abilities. Today I will introduce you to 5 types of toys, which are essential for children to grow up.


Perceptual Manipulation Toys

Function: Increase the strength and flexibility of the child's finger muscles, such as grasping, tapping, stacking, plucking, etc., and provide sensory stimulation, such as hearing, vision, smell, touch, etc.

block building toys

Cognitive toys

Function: This type of toys,such as block building toys, promotes children's understanding of various abstract cognitive concepts such as shape, color, classification, matching, space, etc., which not only lays a good foundation for future learning and knowledge, but also exercises children's hands-on ability.


Graphic language expression toys

Function: Before the age of 3 is a critical period for language development. Children learn listening, speaking, reading and painting through playing with toys, and gradually develop language skills.


Body movement toys

Function: Improve children's understanding of body concepts, enhance muscle flexibility and muscle resistance by performing activities that promote large muscle movements such as climbing, pushing and pulling, bouncing, rolling, drilling, etc.


Social interaction toys

Function: Improve children's social skills, learn to wait, communicate, obey rules, etc. in the process of interacting with others.

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