How To Develop Your Children's Intelligence With Building Blocks Toys

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Children learn faster with fun! They are happy to have something to play with while learning.

With building block toys, your children can learn many things including artworks, alphabet, numbers, words, and simple calculations in an interesting way.

You will be surprised by how eager your children will be to learn with building block toys. This is because they are learning and at the same time having fun.

But how do you make use of building block toys to develop your children's Intelligence? Well, it is easier than you think.

In this article, we will walk you through some tips that will help you in using building blocks toys for the benefit of your children.

building block toys

1. Create a building challenge

Children like to compete a lot. They like to show the best in themselves so that they will be commended, especially by their parents.

Challenge your children to build a particular structure. You may do this by getting a template such as a printed structure or artwork and challenge the children to use the building block toys to make a similar structure.

2. Participate in the building project

Children don't like to be left to do things on their own. The right way to make use of building block toys for your children is to participate and guide them in using the toys.

Communicate with them, ask them questions, monitor how well they are performing, and answer them if they ask you any questions.

3. Assign a specific task to each child

Learning with building blocks toys becomes easier if you share the building project among the children.

Assign a particular task to a child and see how well s/he handles it. You may tell the younger child to gather blocks of a particular color and make the older child build the foundation of the structure.

Another child may be assigned the task of building the doors, windows, and roofs of the building using the building block toys.

4. Tell a story

You may tell an interesting story to your children and then make them recreate the story by using building blocks toys.

For example, you may tell them the story of old McDonald's and have them use building blocks toys to construct his farm.

building block toys

5. Add other accessories

Sometimes, the building blocks toys may not be enough to create scenery or pass the learning information across to your child.

In this case, you may add other toys such as dolls, vehicles, animals, flowers, grasses, and balloons.

For example, you may need animal toys such as cattle and sheep to completely recreate the old McDonald's story.

6. Allow creativity

Some children are naturally talented and creative. Such children may want to build an imaginary structure on their own.

In this case, do not scold the children, allow them to demonstrate their creativity. If you notice some flaws, you should only notice them when they're done with the building.

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